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Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner





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Get Qualified Internationally In Four Months!

Start Anytime and Study at Your Own Pace with 18 Months to Complete Your Certification PLUS Lifetime Access


Dive into the purpose, practicalities, power and strategies of real transformational coaching. You’ll experience coaching first-hand to clarify your own personal and professional goals, apply communicational skills into everyday life, and gain true insight into what it really takes to create change. Plus you’ll expand your awareness and appreciation of the holistic approach that underpins our unique coaching methodology.

Week Five: Integration & Practical Coaching


In stage two you’ll discover the fascinating mind-body connection and how our thoughts and feelings are linked to behaviours and habits. You’ll understand modern stress and how to reverse it, be fascinated by how the brain works in relation to patterns and conditioning, and apply daily practices that align the mind, brain and body into conscious coherence using holistic tools and the science of happiness (positive psychology).

Week Ten: Integration & Practical Coaching


As you solidify your learning and get clear on your purpose, you’ll identify your strengths and craft a powerful message that speaks the language of your ideal clients. You’ll learn how to package your services, create coaching products and programs, and leverage your time for freedom and family. You’ll design a business to suit your lifestyle, and learn the latest strategies to attract your perfect clients.

Final Practical Coaching Audio

High Support Training, Live Webinars and Practical Coaching Experience with Qualified Professionals

and an Engaged and Helpful Facebook Community!



Modern Stress is an Epidemic 

Life is getting busier and busier – and more demanding than ever before. As fewer people prioritise self-care and restoration, illness, disease and dissatisfaction are becoming more prevalent.

We’ve blended the best transformational tools into one unique coaching qualification AND we teach you the ‘business’ of coaching so you not only value your skills and know your worth, but can attract the right clients and grow a business and lifestyle you love.

While learning to help others create real change from the inside out, you’ll also be learning how to implement mind-body practices and use holistic tools to rewrite your own mindset and choose a life of freedom..


We Need to Integrate Mind and Body

We all need time out to soothe our soul and recharge our body, but HOW can people create this space in their lives when the focus is always on external demands instead internal needs?

This is where a holistic life coach and mind-body practitioner is so unique in understanding the strain that chronic stress and lack of meaning can place on the mind, body, spirit and emotions of their clients.

We encourage daily self-care, self-awareness, personal responsibility and holistic practices that can undo and reverse many of these conditions by first addressing the needs and beliefs of the person as a whole..

Our Unique Approach

We don’t merely want to teach you how to be a powerful and transformational coach who’s business and marketing savvy. We aim to arm you with understanding of the mind-body connection, how to identify disempowering beliefs, and challenge and reprogram the subconscious mind so your clients – and you – can get unstuck and love yourself more!

It’s incredibly important to understand the multi-level layers of human thinking and behaviour, and how to ‘rewire’ the brain for effective and lasting behaviour change.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to confidently coach within a holistic framework using neuroscience, positive psychology and mind-body practices to your advantage.

Be a coach who gets results and help your clients reach their goals permanently.

Science-Based, Heart-Centred



Create a Lifestyle That Works For You

Whether you’re looking to coach part or full-time, expand your existing business, or you’re just starting out and want to work for yourself, our unique science-backed and evidence based training can help.
It takes guts to follow your dreams and most people don’t. You can choose to be an exception.


Change Careers, Merge Modalities

If you’re already qualified in areas like personal training, massage therapy, reiki, energy medicine or other complimentary therapies, adding holistic coaching to your skills will increase your ability to help your clients and expand your business – and income!
Blend your natural talents and strengths to create a unique presence in the wellbeing space.

Internationally Recognised

The MindBodyFood Institute is an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), where once you have completed our training and meet the certification criteria, you can submit your application to gain membership and formal recognition as a Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner (a new modality we have pioneered!).

IICT is an independent membership body for complimentary therapies and the holistic wellbeing industry, and whose course endorsement will allow you to gain professional insurance under the service category of Holistic Life Coaching & Mind-Body Practitioner. Applying for membership is easy and can be completed online through the IICT website. Please ensure you have your certificate handy to attach to your application. Visit

Note: We are currently in the process of further accreditation and approval with the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA) and Fitness Australia to add to your professional membership and insurance options, and also continuing education credits (CEC).


Anyone who loves learning about the mind, body, spirit and emotions!

These are the types of students who study with us:

Functional medicine practitioners, doctors, nutritionists, counsellors, psychologists, mental health professionals, personal trainers & fitness instructors, yoga & meditation teachers, wellbeing consultants, health coaches, school teachers, adults returning to work, part time mums, entrepreneurs & business owners, people starting a new career, professionals wanting to enhance or transition careers.



Why Holistic Life Coaching?

In this fast-paced, overworked and chronically stressed world there is an increasing desire to live a more purposeful, fulfilling and joyous life. This is evident in the growing number of people and businesses turning towards transformational life, health and wellness coaches in their attainment of meaning, growth and change.

Have you noticed the collective shift towards more holistic approaches in achieving a healthier and happier mindset and lifestyle? People want more than they ever have before… more love, abundance, opportunity, career choices, deeper relationships, vibrant health and greater financial freedom.

Neuroscience is finally reaching mainstream healthcare, while the health and wellness arena is booming with a newfound independence away from outdated approaches that often miss the bigger picture. We can no longer ignore the deeper layers of human existence, or neglect to include mind-body practices into mainstream healthcare and wellbeing approaches.

A lot of people wish their lives, career or relationships were different. They might even know what they need to change but haven’t made any changes. The fact is, we’d all like to change something but we’re not always ready and willing to do the changing. Mostly because we don’t know ‘how’ and we’re afraid of the unknown. This is where a trained Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner has a huge advantage.





Have Specific Questions? Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions Section Below!



Unlike many online courses where you enrol and go it alone, we’re with you every step of the way with weekly webinars and live classes, regular check ins, and lots of additional guidance and support.

Plus, you’ll get to be a part of a supportive and private Facebook group for all our graduates, alumni and students that includes additional ongoing resources, inspiration and education via private live video workshops, all in the one convenient place!

We’re with you all the way, mentoring you through each weekly module, sharing inspirational stories and valuable resources to amplify your natural talents, and solidify your growing skills with practical, real-world examples.


Convenient and Accessible Delivery:

  • Primary delivery is online/distance inside a beautifully designed online course platform, with weekly email inspiration.
  • Weekly webinars and replays provide that “in class/face-to-face” feel, plus mentor coaching sessions via Skype for each of the 3 stages.
  • Additional videos and interviews (sometimes live) add further value to your learning and application.
  • Join our super supportive and active private Facebook group to encourage you to face your fears and take big leaps forward in your life and business!


Each week you’ll receive:

⇒ Your weekly training modules in PDF format to make study easy and accessible anywhere, anytime!

⇒ Weekly webinars and live practical training for that ‘in-class’ feel where you’ll gain in-depth understanding and have your questions answered!

⇒ Additional coaching resources, industry interviews and holistic practices to deepen your awareness and further inspire change!

Plus, we have monthly live coaching calls, live masterclasses and virtual workshops on various topics to support your growth and understanding. Each training becomes a replay inside our ever-growing video training vault!

Assessments required to receive your internationally recognised Certification:

Throughout the course you will experience coaching first-hand, submit written exercises and practical coaching evidence. We assess your competency based on self-growth, written assignments, oral feedback and practical demonstrations as you progress and complete the course with our mentoring to guide you.

  • Each student must complete in full, 3 assessment workbooks covering each of the 3 stages. Each practical workbook contains activities, self-enquiry questions, practical tasks and coaching worksheets.

  • Each student must conduct a minimum of 6 x 1 hour practical coaching sessions with client feedback forms. One audio session must be submitted with the final workbook for feedback and assessment.

  • Mentor coaching via phone and Zoom is given to each student after each workbook (including practical coaching feedback forms) is assessed to measure progress throughout.


Your personal and professional investment also includes these fantastic resources:

    • A complete Coaching Starter Kit with coaching templates ready to use (intake form & agreement, pre-questionnaire, wheel of life, values worksheet, needs & wants assessments, plus a 12 week action-step plan to get started with your clients)
    • “Done-for-You” forms, templates, scripts, tools, exercises and documents to brand and market as your own, for use with your clients immediately
    • Beautifully designed certificate suitable for framing, and a professionally designed logo to use on your website and in your marketing materials
    • Continuing education and training via live videos, virtual workshops and live masterclasses with guest experts
    • An incredibly supportive network of fellow students and graduates inside our private Facebook group


For a detailed look into our course

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“Im personally finding the course incredible! Im learning so much, its sparking a whole new excitement and passion for my career direction and being able to expand my current business into something so much more meaningful . Do I feel scared, YES! Do I feel a little overwhelmed at the moment about if I can do this- YES! But I know if I just keep taking small steps in the right direction and not put too much pressure on myself it will all fall into place!” – Peta-Marie
“Wow really enjoying these modules and love the videos and webinars!” – Diane
“The exercises incorporated into module five are amazing!!! 🙂” – Kirsty
“Hi Viki. Just did module 2 – loved it!! Just wanted to let you know 🙂 – Kate
“I am absolutely loving the course. The most interesting part of the course for me so far has been module 2 with so much great information about the subconscious and decision making. The most interesting personal breakthroughs are happening for me as I have started to put into place some of the concepts about changing beliefs in the deep subconscious around specific needs in life. As I discovered in the second module, I am in a place of transition in my life so the course has been so beneficial so far in enabling me to work with my subconscious to change my attitudes towards myself. Even though its been a short time, the results have been amazing.” – Rebecca G
I’m thoroughly enjoying the content and the exercises. Very insightful and life changing. The course has given me a lot of new insights, both personally and professionally. – Krishna
“I just wanted to send you a thank you note to show my appreciation for your time and guidance today. You are such a beautiful person and have assisted me to open up much more than I could have done alone. The value of coaching is priceless! I can’t hug you in person but I am sending you virtual hugs. Have a fabulous weekend.” – Bec
“Brilliant thank you, its been awesome. I love all of this!!” – Marie
“I gave my first official coaching session today and it went really well. I was so proud of myself!” – Debby
“I am fascinated with the brain so its very exciting. I love it, thank you so much.” – Bec W “
“I love the webinars they help me grasp the info so much better!” – Peta
“Thanks for your insightful guidance and amazing tips/tools Viki. These past few months have really opened my eyes to future possibilities. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. 🙂” – Susie




  • Work part time and set your own hours

  • Coach from home

  • Work around family

  • Be independent and flexible

  • Coach online from anywhere in the world

  • Travel while you work

  • Expand your professional services

  • Create coaching programs and live events

  • Use personal experiences to help others

  • Be your own boss




Our Holistic Life Coach and Mind-Body Practitioner certification is strategically designed to expand your knowledge and skills over 3 stages of training (12 core modules) AND practical coaching experience.

We focus on one module per week (PDF workbook and webinar) with two weeks of practical coaching (weeks 5 and 10) where you’ll conduct real life 1:1 coaching to action your new skills straight away and start building your coaching confidence and experience!

Each stage of study has its own workbook (3 in total) to guide students through their module assessment tasks. Our tasks are not research based, rather they are highly practical and applicable to your daily life.

The practical coaching components require a minimum of 6 practice coaching clients providing written feedback, and one audio session submission with your final workbook assessment.

Insightful and informative webinar lectures, additional live classes and industry interviews compliment your lesson modules, which are then available as replays inside our stylish online learning platform.



There’s no doubt coaching is fast building traction as a popular career or personal development pathway. Coaching is a blend of various psychological approaches that include self-help, personal growth, counselling and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Coaching isn’t about goal setting though. It’s about goal achieving. Professional coaching provides clarity, confidence and the ability to take what you ‘know’ and turn it into action. As a Confident Coach, you get to help people create change where they couldn’t on their own.

As you move through this practical program, you can immediately start applying these coaching methodologies, communicational skills, and mind-body tools into your own life, career and relationships. You will get clear about your own values and goals to deepen your personal growth all while learning how to inspire change and empower others!

Our course is the product of nearly twenty years of study, research and professional experience, presented in an easily accessible, absorbable and practical way. You get the information you need to know – without all the fluff – that you can immediately apply into the real world as an effective, empowering and confident change-maker.There is no other rewarding career quite like the feeling of inspiring and actualising change!

For a detailed look into our course

DOWNLOAD the PDF prospectus




We’re here to help you:

Maximise your strengths, utilise your experience, share your wisdom and help those that need to hear YOUR MESSAGE!


  • Evidence based research in neuroscience, positive psychology and mind-body tools

  • Get that ‘in-person’ feel with our virtual classroom and personal touch

  • Regular live teaching webinars with Q&A

  • Gain practical coaching experience and build your coaching hours while you study

  • Learn benefits of meditation and applications to coaching

  • Learn how to build a brand, market your business and be your own boss

  • Learn how to package your services and create coaching products

  • Get clear on your coaching niche and identify your target market

  • Gain industry recognition, membership and insurance

  • Flexible course payment options

  • Affordable – we keep our pricing competitive to help you achieve your dreams!

  • Supportive and passionate coaching staff to help you during and after your study

  • A private Facebook group solely for the Institute practitioners, teachers and coaches to connect, share and receive ongoing support

Watch as our Director explains why our Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner Certification is uniquely different.

This innovative course combines holistic coaching, neuroscience, positive psychology and mind-body tools into one unique professional 4 month certification program that will change your life!


The Coaching Industry is BOOMING!

Coaching is a high-growth industry, providing flexibility for you to make a great income!

(Statistical graphs below from The 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study, based on a 2015 survey commissioned by ICF and conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP.)

Growth in Coaching IS Worldwide!!!

Coaching Goes Beyond helping an Individual Alone

Growth in the coaching industry is still in its infancy

Coaching from anywhere – online, face-to-face, phone

Part or Full-Time Income

Package Your Services and Leverage Your Time!



♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Our Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner Training Program is delivered in 12 modules over 14 weeks, with expert foundational studies and practical exercises, that combine with real life coaching experience and holistic tools to implement into your daily life.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Weekly webinars cover each individual module, with help at hand in our private coaching group so you can progress through your studies whenever and wherever you are, with support right at your fingertips! Our qualified coach trainers are available to mentor you at any time.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

You’ll be coaching your first practice clients from week 4 and continuing to build upon your skills, confidence and coaching hours throughout the mentor coaching sessions. With your final requirements complete, you’ll be newly qualified but practiced and experienced!

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Start your own Coaching or Consulting business with the knowledge and know-how to attract your ideal clients, create lasting results, and build a thriving practice!



For a detailed look into our course

DOWNLOAD the PDF prospectus








6 monthly payments of $440 $357


Discount upfront of $2497 $1997


10 monthly payments of $279 $229









Q – Can I be a Coach even though my own life needs work?

A – YES! Your clients don’t want someone who is ‘perfect’ and has all the answers. They want someone who they can RELATE to and who gets them – who they can feel understood by, and connected to.

As you progress through the program you’ll be growing and getting to know yourself on a deeper level, and learning the tools and techniques to evolve in your own mind and body that will result in making changes in your life and relationships. No-one said your life must be ‘perfect’ to be an effective and inspiring coach.

Q – What are the course dates for 2017?

A – You can now enrol at any time! Complete the course and be qualified and coaching within 4 months, OR you can study at your own pace with 18 months to complete your studies around life, family and commitments. Either way you will immediately receive your student login details upon confirmed enrolment, along with your coach mentor, access to our private Facebook group and all the live coaching calls, masterclass and webinars!

Note: Each module includes a 2 hour webinar workshop available inside each module lesson, PLUS live group coaching sessions, coaching interviews, practical coaching videos, and regular masterclasses with guest presenters in various professional fields and ongoing support from your Institute mentors.

Q – Who is this certification course for?

A – Our in-depth holistic coaching certification is the ideal start or advancement for a career helping others. If you’re a qualified professional in areas such as functional medicine, nutrition, healthcare, fitness, yoga, wellbeing or teaching, you can enhance your current practice or service by including coaching, neuroscience, habit change and positive psychology. Our course is also a great fit if you want to share your life experience to help others in a positive and affirming way, or you’d like to challenge yourself and expand your own personal development and growth.

You’ll learn how to utilise your skills and talents in a uniquely transformational way. What’s more, you can work from home, set your own hours and prioritise family commitments.

Q – How long will it take to complete the course?

A – The course is designed to be completed in 4 months, however if you need a little more time, we can help you. Upon graduation you’ll receive a professional certificate of completion and be able to gain membership and insurance with the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT) in 27 countries! The course is the equivalent to 150 hours of study plus minimum 10 hours of practical coaching. We’ve left out unnecessary fluff and jargon so you are only learning the real and necessary tools, methods and strategies to be a successful holistic life and mind-body coach.

Q – Can I coach people after completing the certification course?

A – You absolutely can! In fact you’ll be trainee coaching clients from week four of the course and racking up your coaching hours as you progress! By actioning your new skills and knowledge straight into practice, you’ll grow your confidence and coaching prowess tenfold than if you waited until you finished, or felt ‘ready’. Most of our graduates start taking paying clients before they’re finished – especially when they’re adding coaching into an existing profession, or when they’re practice clients are so happy with the results that they want to work with them straight away!

Q – Do you have to complete each module in one week? And is each module like a workbook assignment type?

A – We don’t want to overwhelm anyone so the module tasks are designed to help you feel like you’re also growing, stretching and being coached while you’re doing the work that you’ll expect your clients to do. So if you need more time than a week, you’ve got it! Having said that, your module tasks are much more practical than research based, so don’t worry about having to spend hours and hours reading and referencing! We’re more about the ‘doing and being’.

There are 3 beautifully designed fillable PDF workbooks – one for each stage of the course. As you come to each question or task in your modules, you’ll be able to type your answers directly into your workbook, essentially completing your course assessments as you progress. There is no final exam, but you’ll have amassed practical coaching hours and confidence, which is much more important. No new content is released in weeks 5 or 10 as you’ll be putting your newfound insights, awareness and skills into practice with clients straight away and getting feedback to improve your skills!

Q – When do you run the live webinars and are they available for replay, or is it mandatory to be there?

A – The weekly module webinars are scheduled in Brisbane, AEST (2pm NZ). Yes, full replay videos are embedded within each module so you can easily go back and watch any of the live lectures whenever you need to. Attendance is not mandatory because we understand it’s not always possible, and we’d rather teach you how to reduce your stress, not add to it! Live group coaching sessions are run throughout every course.

Q – Is there plenty of support if you are not understanding a particular module? If I do this course I want to put in 100%, including being the annoying student who asks a million questions!

A – You bet there is – we love questions! Our team of coach mentors are available to assist you whenever you have issues or concerns. Learning via distance can often feel overwhelming and we really don’t want anyone to feel like there’s no help when they need it. As long as you reach out when you need to, we will be here to support you as much as you need. We regularly check in on you as we want all our students and graduates to complete their studies and have the coaching business they set out to.

Q – Is the course accredited or approved by any professional organisations?

A – Yes! As coaching is not a regulated industry, anyone can call themselves a coach, with or without specific training or registration. This is a major reason why it’s in your best interest to gain a recognised qualification and learn how you can be the best coach to your clients. Accreditation is generally provided by a governing body (although there are some associations providing ‘accreditation’), whereas ‘approval’ is industry specific and allows for greater freedom in providing the latest holistic and science-backed approaches without strict regulations.

We choose to be industry approved to provide autonomy and integrity to all our coaching courses. We are undergoing rigorous approval processes for several other key organisations within the coaching, fitness and wellness industries to further approve and accredit this course. As we gain new accreditations and approvals, you will be able to add these to your registrations too.

Q – What professional organisations can I gain membership to after completing the course?

A – Our Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner certificate course is approved by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT). This recognition enables you to gain registration and insurance in 27 countries around the world! We are undergoing rigorous approval processes for several other key organisations within the coaching industry to further approve and accredit this course. As we gain new accreditations and approvals, you will be able to add these to your registrations.

Q – What support is offered to me from the Institute after completing the certification course?

A – Welcome to your new mentor and support group! When you begin your studies, you’ll be invited into our private Facebook Group “Holistic Coaches Light the Way” where our graduates and students have access to private Live Facebook trainings, support and resources to help you continue to build your skills, knowledge and business with like-minded souls, supporting you every step.

Q – Are payment plans offered and what are the methods of payment?

A – YES! We know not everybody can afford to pay the full enrolment fee upfront, even with a discount, as some people need help to balance the books whilst they study. We really do want to help you realise your dream of working from home, setting your own hours, and creating the time and financial freedom do spend more time doing the things you love. So we have created two generous payment terms that spread your payments out over the duration of your study into smaller monthly manageable amounts. Secure payment options are through Paypal, debit and various Credit Cards. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Q – Can I book directly through the Institute via phone?

A – YES! We can certainly enrol you over the phone. Just have your personal payment details ready (we do not keep these details on file).

Q – Can I get general support from teachers during the course?

A – Absolutely! Our awesome team of passionate mentor coaches are here to help you succeed. However big or small the question, we’re here to give you the information and guidance you need, when you need it.

Q – Are there any post-graduate offerings? I would definitely like to look into more study to give me even more knowledge about the holistic side of coaching, so do you have further courses to grow my skills?

A – We sure do! Although please note, by completing this certification course you will be fully qualified without needing further study to get started. If you would like to continue learning and developing, we are regularly adding to our specialised courses for professional certification or personal development. Postgraduate courses for further study and higher qualifications are being written now to upgrade your Certificate in Holistic Life Coach and Mind-Body Practitioner to a Diploma level OR to specialise in a certain area of coaching i.e. a specific niche if that’s what you’d like to do.

Here’s a sneak peek of the line up on the horizon:


– Professional Speaking
– Chakra Balancing
– Stress Management
– Eating Psychology
– Corporate Coaching
– Lifestyle Coaching
– Wellness Coaching
– Weight loss Coaching
– Mindfulness Coaching
– Complimentary Therapies

Q – Can I defer my course if I cannot complete it in the recommended time-frame?

A – We know life can sometimes take an unexpected detour. For extraordinary circumstances submitted in writing, you may be granted a deferral until the next intake of your course at the Principal’s discretion. We have 5 intakes per year.

Q – If I need to cancel my course, what are my options?

A – In the unlikely event that major life challenges occur and you can’t commit to the course date you enrolled for, you can advise us in writing prior to course commencement and we’ll happily transfer your status over to the next available course date. No refunds are available after enrolment. Please see full terms and conditions here.

Q – What are the contact hours for the Institute office?

A –

Mon 9:00 am5:00 pm
Tue 9:00 am5:00 pm
Wed 9:00 am5:00 pm
Thu 9:00 am5:00 pm
Fri 9:00 am12:00 pm
Sat Closed
Sun Closed

Times are AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).



Q – Where is the Institute’s head office located?

A – Our Australian Head Office is located on the Great Dividing Range that travels through South East Queensland. We’re surrounded by mountains, birds chirping and beautiful views of sunset.





For a detailed look into our course

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Po Box 466 HIGHFIELDS Q 4352


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