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Get Qualified to Create a Rewarding Health and Wellbeing Career With Our Expert Guidance!


Our well-researched courses and career resources are the ideal start or advancement for a career helping others. Whether you’re looking to take it up a notch and create a full-time business, move your existing company into new territory, or you’re just starting out and want to work for yourself, our unique science-backed and evidence based, ‘no fluff’ training courses can help. Online study with high engagement and support.


Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner Certification

Our 4 month international certification takes your natural coaching abilities and life experiences to a higher level of skill with our unique approach to holistic coaching that utilises neuroscience, positive psychology and mind-body practices. We’ve blended the best transformational tools with modern business strategies so you not only feel confident in your skills, but can attract the right clients and grow a business and lifestyle you love.



Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainer Certification

This 250hr international certification allows students to teach anywhere in the world upon completion of the course. The Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course offers a strong supportive foundation that encourages students to flourish in their own time and in their own space. The course offers a comprehensive training manual and easy to follow training videos. All Asanas (poses) are described in great depth, including: benefits, tips, anatomy, alignment instructions and much more.




Corporate Stress & Wellness Consulting

Absenteeism due to sickness and chronic stress, costs small businesses and large companies billions of dollars on average, per year. Bringing wellness into the workplace has never before been so critical to the survival of human health and business. Manage stress, improve productivity and increase wellbeing in the Workplace! We provide exceptional consulting services & personalised workshops that are tailored to your organisations challenges & expected outcomes. Increase the health of your workers and increase the health of your profits.



Do You Have a Burning Desire to Help People? 

Start or Expand Your Wellbeing Business With The Knowledge And Skills to Attract Your Ideal Clients, Create Lasting Results, And Build A Thriving Practice! 



Be your own boss

Work from home

Work part time and set your own hours

Work around family

 Be independent and flexible

Work online from anywhere in the world

 Travel while you work

Expand your professional services

 Create coaching programs and live events

Use personal experiences to help others




Develop Your Passion for Helping Others with our In-Depth Holistic Coaching and Wellness Courses!



Gain the Flexibility and Independence to Work When You Want and Where You Want, From Anywhere In The World With Our Unique & Cutting Edge Courses!


Get qualified and supported to design a business and life you love helping others lead happier lives!



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