Meditation Teacher Holistic Life Coach Training Certification
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Accredited Meditation & Holistic Therapy Training Courses




Comprehensive training courses to certify Meditation Teachers, Meditation Therapists, Chair Yoga Instructors, Holistic Counsellors and Brain-Body Therapists to provide complimentary services in the growing area of mind-body medicine!



Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development

Get qualified to start your new career as a Meditation Teacher, Chair Yoga Instructor & Holistic Counsellor.
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DIPLOMA in Meditation Therapy & Holistic Counselling

Upgrade your qualification and skills and make your interest and passion a specialist career!
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ADVANCED Diploma in Meditation Therapy & Holistic Counselling

The most comprehensive accredited Meditation Therapist and Holistic Counselling training course available.
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Corporate Wellness Consulting & Workshops

Managing Stress and Wellness in the Workplace Consulting & Workshops tailored to your needs.
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Through our science-backed courses you will gain the skills necessary to:

  • Improve your own life in a self empowered and holistic way

  • Become a qualified wellbeing practitioner and start your own business

  • Add new modalities and services to your existing natural therapies practice

  • Live an inspired life and have a rewarding career!



Become a qualified Natural Therapist, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor with our Highly Accredited Courses. Get Registered and Insured to work Nationally AND Internationally!

Whether you want to train for a new career in the holistic wellbeing field or you are already a Natural Therapies practitioner and want to add Meditation Therapy, Chair Yoga or Holistic Counselling to your current modalities, you’re in the right place!



Our Certificates, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Masters courses are your fully qualified start to building a rewarding career and business in the exciting field of natural therapy and mind-body medicine.


“The personal impact that Meditation has had on my life in only the last 6 weeks is indescribable. Initially I couldn’t embrace having to practice Meditation every day using differing styles, but now I am enthusiastic and impassioned to seek solace each day in Meditation. The benefits are many and various. It was a pleasure to meet other students who also possessed an inherent passion to explore and discover an inward desire to learn and expand their own knowledge bases within this field.”

– Linda, Toowoomba graduate


Build Your Own Holistic Therapy Business and Help Others Improve Their Health, Happiness and Wellbeing!


Develop Your Passion for Holistic Health, Mind-Body Medicine and Whole Food Healing with our

in-person and online courses, workshops and live events!


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Do you have a burning desire to help people? Get qualified now and create a rewarding holistic health and wellbeing career with our expert guidance!

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